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      Published on 06-23-2017 09:06 PM

      Dough Boy is hosting a series of missions starting this weekend, Saturday June 24th at 1800z, with the sortie "Imminent Domain". Check out the forum or the ATO to sign up, read the briefing, and grab the mission files. Click Here For More Info.

      Published on 05-31-2017 10:05 PM

      Tomcat's WSF, Operation: Instant Defense, is coming up this weekend at 1800z with Tomcat doing the AWACs role. Mission Scenario is that REDLAND consists of Serbia/Montenegro. They are on the other side of the Adriatic Sea and hostile to us, BLUELAND (Italy). We are currently maintaining a defensive posture against REDLAND’s continuing air attacks. We are expecting further Red attack waves on the near future. We'll provide DCA CAP for one hour, divided in two 30 minute windows.

      Dragon Exercise:
      We still don't know if this weekend's WSF will be a belated April Fool or not, but this exercise will definitely take place in the KTO. GREENLAND left their defense alliance due to financial difficulties and ORANGELAND wants to exploit this weakness and started multiple artillery strikes at the western border. The completely surprised GREENLAND ground troops are on the run, in order to build up a first defensive positions. Since no political intervention seems possible BLUELAND has tasked several STRIKE and CAS missions to support GREENLAND’s armed forces and protect the population. The 1st VFW will operate from Kunsan within the next hours.

      This weekend's WSF will take place in a customized ITO where we will be employing the controversial roof knocking tactic. Redland has harbored the Akani terrorist group, which one week ago fired two SCUD missiles at Redland. Luckily Blueland's Patriot missile system destroyed the SCUDs before they impacted their intended targets, but some unguided rockets did make it through causing 8 fatalities and more than 20 wounded. None of the Akani missiles or rockets were fired upon military targets. Worse they targeted a shopping mall, a residential neighborhood, and a religious site. As a result, Blueland has given Redland until Saturday at 2000z to seize control of all of the Akani weapons and turn over the perpetrators of last week's attack. If Redland does not comply, Blueland has stated they will take it upon themselves to destroy all threats to the homeland. Despite the threats, Redland continues to side with the Akani terrorist group stating that Blueland faked the attack themselves to have a reason to invade Redland, and that the Akani terrorist group is a "peaceful group of honorable men sworn to protect their brothers and sisters of Redland".

      In response Blueland's presented drone footage evidence to the UN of Akani fighters smuggling weapons via an intricate tunnel system and use of commercial trucks. The footage showed that Orangeland has been providing modern weaponry at the southern border disguised as "Foreign Aid" trucks. Weapons small enough are then smuggled into homes which have tunnels dug beneath them to move the munitions to the front line. Larger munitions such as SCUD missiles and launchers are moved in broad daylight under the guise that they belong to the Redland defense force. However, surveillance shows Akani fighters both protecting and operating the SCUDs and BM-21 rocket trucks. Blueland intelligence suggests Redland has consolidated their forces to the southern half of Redland to have a strong foothold should Blueland invade. Redland is using the Akani fighters as informal militias to deny and disrupt Blueland's expected advance into Redland. This is evident both by the lack of Redland defense forces near the border with Blueland and by the increased numbers of Redland air defenses, artillery, and armor near their southern air force bases. The fact Redland is preparing for a fight suggests they do not plan on complying to Blueland's demands.

      Therefore it is a countdown to Saturday March 18th to see who blinks first. Blueland is committed to taking military action if Redland does not comply. Redland is committed to protecting the Akanis, and Orangeland has stated they will back their ally Redland should Blueland attack first.

      Your mission that is being planned as we speak, is to destroy the tunnel entrances, SCUD and BM-21 launchers, and any weapons storage facilities. Blueland knows that the Akanis are using the civilian population to hide their weapons and tunnels, so Blueland is going to use the roof knocking tactic - sending a text message to anyone located at the home to leave now - then dropping an inert bomb on the house to give a final warning - followed by a live bomb that will destroy the building and/or the tunnels beneath them. Blueland does not want it to appear as though they are targeting the civilian population and lose support from the majority of the western world. Blueland will depend on NATO backing them up should Orangeland hold true to their promise to come to Redland's defense.

      Blueland also intends to only target Akani targets - thus demonstrating they have no intentions to invade or conquer Redland - and that their only objective is to protect their people from future Akani attacks. This will be an air operation only. Therefore, we will have a strict grid where we can operate. Intel suggests Redland will not risk engaging in a fight with Blueland unless Blueland crosses into the southern half of the country. But Blueland generals have made it clear that should Redland surface or airborne defenses retaliate or attack Blueland forces, we will defend ourselves "without any restraint or caution".

      Fights On...

      The Skyhook-2 Strike was mostly a success however later reconnaissance shows that not all targets were destroyed. Intelligence has satellite imagery showing several small convoys leaving the Brubaker site. They believe these trucks contain the weapons and research materials that were located in the building that avoided destruction. The convoy was last spotted nearing Hwangsuwon airbase. We suspect the material will be airlifted to safer locations.

      Our job is to take out any transport vehicles and planes on or leaving the airbase.

      The North Korean government has issued statements of condemnation over the attack and has vowed a “swift and decisive response to this aggression”.

      The next WSF is the "One Redland Policy" by Demo. This is the second mission in the series and a sequel to "The Island". The scenario this time is that Blueland is planning to implement and enforce a no fly zone over the islands of Orangeland. Redland believes this goes against their "One Redland" policy and claims territorial ownership of the islands of Orangeland. Military officials from Redland stated on their government owned news station that they would fly directly through the no fly zone if Blueland attempts to implement one. Military forces on both sides are at high alert and preparing for another conflict.

      Check the forum for briefings, mission files, and updates.

      Published on 01-09-2017 10:15 PM

      Don't miss out on this weekend's flight. Last time we did it in South Korea. This time it's in the DPRK. 47 Runways. Start @ Nachodka. End @ Wonsan.

      Wing members see THIS thread for more info.

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