• Training

      The 1st VFW has revamped its training programs and more information about those programs will be posted here shortly. Here is a brief description of the training programs we offer at the 1st VFW.

      Initial Qualification Training (IQT): IQT consists of 6 sorties and is designed to ensure new members have their installs set up appropriately, know our multiplayer SOPs, know the basics of BMS, and have an opportunity to get used to the way we fly at the 1st VFW. IQT is completed in classes of 1 to 4 pilots and is the only mandatory training course at the 1st VFW. Each class will have a dedicated IP who will be assigned to the class for the entire course. You will fly all four sorties with the same IP so he knows where he can help you most.

      Initial Qualification Training Course

      • IQT-1 Orientation, Formation Flying, HARTS & Emergency Procedures
      • IQT-2 BVR & Intro to ACM
      • IQT-3 Basic BFM & Intro to Mutual Support
      • IQT-4 Basic Surface Attack
      • IQT-5 SEAD Procedures & Tactics
      • IQT-6 Advanced Surface Attack & Air Refueling
      • Graduation Check Ride

      Continuous Training (CT): CT is a series of smaller training courses and is unique in that all of the curriculum for MQT is produced by our members. Each student will specialize in a specific area and lead a training flight on that topic. For example, if a pilot enjoys the SEAD mission, he will develop some training materials and lead a training flight on the SEAD mission. These CT courses are available on demand and can be requested in our forum.

    • Training Patches

      1st VFW Refueling Patch
      1st VFW IQT Graduate
      1st VFW Weapons School Graduate
      294th Pilot Patch