• Operation: BlackLight

    Join us on August the 26th at 1800GMT for Operation: Blacklight. Details to be posted shortly!

    Operation: Watchtower

    Join us on August the 19th for TurtleFur's WSF. It's going to be the ride of your life! Forum Briefing ATO (click here) //T O P S E C R E T// Date: August 12, 2017 Originator: NATO Central Command Info: United States Pacific Command, Central Intelligence Agency, South Korean National Intelligence Service CC: 1st Virtual Fighter Wing Command, 294th Virtual Fighter

    Operation: Breitling

    Join us on August the 12th for Shadow's WSF that will test your skills to the limit. Forum Briefing link to follow.. ATO (click here) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOP SECRET SPECIAL ACCESS FLASH R 031940Z AUG 7 FM DIRCIA WASHINGTON DC TO 1STVFW KADENA JAPAN INFO SECNAV WASHINGTON DC CO

    Operation: Frequency Shift This Weekend

    This weekend we have Niknak's Operation Frequency Shift Mission this weekend Saturday the 5th of August at 1800z. Check out the details in the forums or the ATO to sign up. Sign Up Here!

    Operation: Hurricane Begins This Weekend

    Dough Boy is hosting a series of missions starting this weekend, Saturday June 24th at 1800z, with the sortie "Imminent Domain". Check out the forum or the ATO to sign up, read the briefing, and grab the mission files. Click Here For More Info.
  • 1st VFW Events

    -Weekly Standard Flights (WSF) each Saturday at 1900z.

    -Friday Night Pick-Up Flights every Friday at 02:30z.

    -Sunday Morning Pick-Up Flights every Sunday at 1500z.

    -Weeknight Pick-Up Flights every Wednesday at 1900z.
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