• Operation: Hurricane Begins This Weekend

    Dough Boy is hosting a series of missions starting this weekend, Saturday June 24th at 1800z, with the sortie "Imminent Domain". Check out the forum or the ATO to sign up, read the briefing, and grab the mission files. Click Here For More Info.

    Operation: Instant Defense

    Tomcat's WSF, Operation: Instant Defense, is coming up this weekend at 1800z with Tomcat doing the AWACs role. Mission Scenario is that REDLAND consists of Serbia/Montenegro. They are on the other side of the Adriatic Sea and hostile to us, BLUELAND (Italy). We are currently maintaining a defensive posture against REDLANDís continuing air attacks. We are expecting further Red attack waves on the

    Dragon Exercise

    Dragon Exercise: We still don't know if this weekend's WSF will be a belated April Fool or not, but this exercise will definitely take place in the KTO. GREENLAND left their defense alliance due to financial difficulties and ORANGELAND wants to exploit this weakness and started multiple artillery strikes at the western border. The completely surprised GREENLAND ground troops are on the run, in

    Operation: Roof Knocking

    This weekend's WSF will take place in a customized ITO where we will be employing the controversial roof knocking tactic. Redland has harbored the Akani terrorist group, which one week ago fired two SCUD missiles at Redland. Luckily Blueland's Patriot missile system destroyed the SCUDs before they impacted their intended targets, but some unguided rockets did make it through causing 8 fatalities

    Operation: Skyhook 3

    The Skyhook-2 Strike was mostly a success however later reconnaissance shows that not all targets were destroyed. Intelligence has satellite imagery showing several small convoys leaving the Brubaker site. They believe these trucks contain the weapons and research materials that were located in the building that avoided destruction. The convoy was last spotted nearing Hwangsuwon airbase. We
  • 1st VFW Events

    -Weekly Standard Flights (WSF) each Saturday at 1900z.

    -Friday Night Pick-Up Flights every Friday at 02:30z.

    -Sunday Morning Pick-Up Flights every Sunday at 1500z.

    -Weeknight Pick-Up Flights every Wednesday at 1900z.
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