• Recruiting

      Welcome To The 1st Virtual Fighter wing

      Hello and welcome to the 1st VFW. Before applying to the 1st, please take the time to read through this sheet and be prepared for everything that comes with being a member within the wing.

      How membership works at the 1st VFW is that if your application is accepted, you will be assigned an Instructor Pilot and begin working on completing our IQT course. While you are in IQT, you are not yet a full member of the 1st VFW. Membership is earned by successfully completing our IQT course. In addition to receiving superb training, the IQT course is both an opportunity for you to see if you like the 1st VFW and the way we fly, and an opportunity for us to confirm you will be a good fit in the wing. Once you graduate from the IQT course you will become a full member of the wing with the same rights and privileges as any other member here.

      Before you apply though, you should be aware of some of our rules and expectations:

      To apply to the 1st VFW, you must be:

      -Fluent in the English language

      -Minimum age of 18 years

      -Minimum internet speed of 2 Mbps upload / 5 Mbps download

      -Have a flight controller with a stick and throttle. Track IR is highly recommended but not required at this time (Tac Form and WVR can be much more difficult without Track IR or some head tracking software).

      -Must not be a member of another virtual fighter wing (BMS or DCS), including "Demo" teams.

      -Must be able to demonstrate the ability to ramp start, takeoff, land, and possess basic working knowledge of the avionics in all modes (A/G, A/A, and NAV). You do not need to be an advanced pilot to apply here, but you do need to know the basics.

      -1st VFW is a Ramp Start ONLY wing. We Ramp Start on ALL of our flights. Applicants must be willing to ramp start on every flight.

      -The 1st VFW has always stood by it's training programs which have been built by IP's and senior wing members. We seek candidates who are willing to learn and take advice from others, as well realistically evaluate their own IQT/Flight performance, in order to constantly better ourselves as pilots.

      These basic skills are needed before acceptance but will be honed throughout the training program.

      To graduate IQT, you will need to be able to:

      • Air-Refuel within 90 seconds of the "cleared to contact" call. If you are not able to air-refuel before applying to the 1st VFW, do not worry. Our Instructor Pilots are great teachers and will be able to help you be proficient by the end of the IQT course.

      • Demonstrate you know and understand our connection and in-flight standard operating procedures (SOPs).

      • Demonstrate ability to employ air-to-air (radar guided and heat seeking) and air-to-ground weapons (dumb bombs, mavericks, HARMs, laser guided bombs, and JDAMs).

      • Basic tactics and wingman responsibilities so that you can take a #2 or #4 slot in one of our weekly standard flights.

      We here at the 1st have a comprehensive training program that brings cadets up to combat ready status, this program is designed to train new recruits from the very basic start up comms procedures, to the more complex tasks such as weapon employment, formation, attack profiles etc. Once training is complete there are continued training programs put up by experienced wing members to maintain combat readiness. With that said, there has been a lot of time and effort put forward to produce these programs and as such we do not allow dual wing BMS memberships here.

      We have developed our own Standard Operating Procedures or 'SOP's'. These are designed to insure that all members are on the same page right from committing to the pit, throughout the flight and through the debrief. All members adhere to these guidelines at all times, they were designed by the wing for the wing and are always evolving with input from all members.

      Once your application goes in, it will be reviewed by senior staff and as soon as possible, a PM will be sent to you via the forum server. We DO NOT use e-mail to contact new members. This "First Contact" PM provides further information and instruction for your training. There's a limited time to reply to this PM so check the forum often.

      If you feel that this is the place for you and feel ready to challenge yourself, then please click on the link below and fill out an application. Please take the application you make seriously when answering as this is our first point of contact with you.

      Again thank you for your interest in the 1st Virtual Fighter Wing!!!

      Recruiting is CLOSED