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      R 031940Z AUG 7

      WING 052/17




      Attention: Members of the 1st VFW!
      "The time for talk is over"

      Due to recent developments in North Korean Technology and your history of performance in this area of the world, your wing has been drafted by the CIA to take part in Black Operations in the Korean Theater of operations to destabilize the North Korean Regime. Your activities in this campaign will be STRICTLY controlled by the CIA and your involvement kept a total secret. With that said, all non cleared members, please leave the room at this time. This will be the start of the classified portion of the brief.

      G2: Intelligence

      Figure 1: Image of NOKO missile launch

      "More action is needed"

      "The President has limited options"

      As you can see in the above, non-classified news reports, tensions are tense, to say the very least. BUT, what the news isn't telling you, is that NOKO is developing weapons at a faster rate now than we have seen from then in all of history. We know that they are perfecting their ability to launch missiles capable of hitting the US main land from ground bases and submarines. We are fairly certain that they are on the brink of finalizing their own nuclear warhead. We have scattered reports that that they may possess some sort of airborne weapon system. I'm sure by now you have heard of the underground bases and hidden airfields. Let me make this very clear, NOKO is a serious threat to global stability.

      Through countless hours of work, we are starting to unravel the complex network of facilities around the country used to develop all these weapons. The problem is that most of the components are developed across multiple locations, with triple or more redundancy. The ONLY exception is the arming devices. CIA believes we have found facility they are using to develop the arming devices for their nuclear warheads.

      Figure 2: Map of the AI (Area of interest)

      We believe the arming devices are being produced and stored in a depot facility in the Wonson HQ complex. This is an interesting choice of location. We have noticed more military air and ground traffic at the Wonson Airfield, but we never made the connection to the weapons test until we traced a flight from Pyongyang, to China, to Iran, back to China, to Pyongyang ending in Wonson. The kicker is, this was 4 days before the last missile test. We also noticed heavy vehicle traffic to the port where the naval missile test occured a few days ago.

      Figure 3: NOKO naval missile test

      Figure 4: Wonson Air Defense Network

      The defense network in this part of the country is surprisingly simplistic, but don't let that lull you into complacency. They have chosen a mix of older and newer block soviet ADS (Air Defense Systems) spread around the general AI. We assume this tactic was to throw us off of the trail. However, due to the proximity of the ADS and the level (SA-10), these ADS will need to be suppressed during your attack. CAI does not currently have any assets in theater to provide jamming, so you'll probably have to handle that yourself.

      The air picture is hard to assess. We have satellite imagery of multiple fighters of different classes and generations. They have been known to use decoys to throw off our intelligence. We have seen decoys of Russian, Chinese, US, and European block aircraft of different generations. We believe we have images of multiple MIG models in flight over the country, though their numbers are unconfirmed. Take all the air threats seriously.

      Air Boss: Commanders Intent

      ITO not arouse suspicion, prior to the conduct of this mission. The 1st VFW will receive and official order to retrograde back to the States for reassignment to a different AO, we will site poor performance in Operation: Frequency Shift. Due to changing climates of US forces in conflict around the globe, the 1st VFW will begin their retrograde NLT Wednesday 09-Aug-2017. The first leg will be to position all the aircraft aboard Kadena AFB, to coordinate with the tanker crew for the TRANSPAC.

      This is where the 1stVFW will go dark. The 8th FW will actually continue back to the states, while the 1st will stay in place. As evening approaches, the first wave of fighters will launch and proceed to refuel, you'll need the fuel. Flights at this point will continue north and attack the target from the East to the West. You will not, I repeat YOU WILL NOT pursue any NOKO aircraft deeper inland than require for package defense.

      The first wave will prepare the battlefield for the second wave. Wave 2 will consist of a high altitude bomber and a BDA flight. With the battlefield prepped, the second wave will make a single overflight and depart the area. BDA will be loaded as a light attack element able to strike should the bomber fail.

      1st VFW aircraft will not pursue NOKO aircraft deeper into NOKO territory.

      There will be no SAR. If you die, your death will be logged as MIA during a training mission off the Korean Peninsula and your family will never be granted closure.

      Actions on target need to be SWIFT, PRECISE, and LIMITED. Recognize that you are most likely about to start an international incident. Sloppy mission execution could result in thousands of incident people being killed at the hands of a ruthless dick tak... dictator.

      Lastly, your mission is to clear the BA for the strike aircraft. If that aircraft goes down, you have failed.


      Stand by for further word. Expect notice to come though your Wing.

      Take care gents! You better be hitting the books, this is no cake walk.
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