• Dragon Exercise

      Dragon Exercise:
      We still don't know if this weekend's WSF will be a belated April Fool or not, but this exercise will definitely take place in the KTO. GREENLAND left their defense alliance due to financial difficulties and ORANGELAND wants to exploit this weakness and started multiple artillery strikes at the western border. The completely surprised GREENLAND ground troops are on the run, in order to build up a first defensive positions. Since no political intervention seems possible BLUELAND has tasked several STRIKE and CAS missions to support GREENLANDís armed forces and protect the population. The 1st VFW will operate from Kunsan within the next hours.

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    • 1st VFW News

      100 Online Hrs Patch
      200 Online Hrs Patch
      300 Online Hrs Patch
      444 Online Hrs Death Patch
      500 Online Hrs Patch
      600 Online Hrs Patch