• 1st VFW is Back!

    Welcome back to all our returning members! And welcome to all the new recruits!


    Operation: Final Resolve... is coming soon. If you were a fan of Operation: Enduring Fury, OFR is the campaign for you. Jammer's latest Co-Op creation will include a variety of challenging missions and scenarios, testing the discipline and skill of every pilot who participates. Stay tuned to the public section of the forum for news, and contact Jammer for any questions or inquiries. The 1st VFW

    PvP5 Event Plaque

    PvP5: Korea - The WAR Has Ended... And Jammer has completed the PvP5 Event Plaque for all participating squadrons. On behalf of the 1st VFW and Bad Boy, we'd like to thank all of the participants for such a great event. PvP5 had some amazing moments of cooperation and coordination between squadrons from around the globe. We learned a lot during this event and planning has already begun on the

    BMS Korea PvP:5 Starts March 30th!

    WAR IS OVER! The official Korea PvP:5 is planned to begin on Saturday March 30th at 16:00 ZULU! More information will be posted on the BMS forums and this website. Registration ends 3/24/2013! Bad Boy has made a lot of changes to optimize the campaign and improve gameplay. The PvP theater will also include some new mods. We look forward to seeing you in the virtual skies!
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    The 1st Virtual Fighter Wing - We are an international group of like minded individuals that push the F4:BMS simulator to the boundaries of realism for which it was intended. From our extensive training programs and coordinated events, to our relentless pursuit of becoming better BMS pilots, the 1st VFW is built for the experienced BMS pilot looking to be challenged.

    Utilizing the best in communication methods, we've worked hard to create a "close to real life" atmosphere while still vying to maintain the fun aspects of simply enjoying a simulation title among friends. As one of the most active groups in the community, we have limited space available. But if you are up to the challenge and want to join the 1st VFW, please visit our recruiting page and post an introduction in our forum.


    -Operation: Black Flag on 3/22/2014! Keep checking HERE for more info.

    -Remember to check the ATO daily for flights!

    -Applications are again on hold! The applications for the open positions filled quickly! Please post in the forum if you have any questions.

    -Classes 14-11 and 14-12 have graduated and class 14-21 is underway. Are you interested in joining the 1st VFW? Keep checking our recruiting page for updated information.

    The 1st VFW has revamped and simplified our training programs. The sole purpose of our training programs is to ensure the quality of our online flights. We don't pretend to know everything and therefore our training programs are a perpetual work-in-progress, especially our MQT program where the curriculum comes directly from our participating members.

    To learn more about our Training Programs, please click here

    -Operation Final Resolve has been delayed. Details will be posted soon for when it will start.

    -1st VFW PvP discussions will begin late this month to start planning a PvP with our friends in the community.

    -Weekly Standard Flights every Saturday at 1900 GMT.