• Operation: Phantom This Weekend!

    Operation Phantom will kick off this weekend during the WSF at 1800 GMT (please make note the hour earlier start time). Operation Phantom is a strike on terrorist targets in Homs, Syria. With a nod to Operation Opera we'll be flying as Israeli jets doing low level ingresses with a pop-up attack on our targets. There will be no SEAD escorts. Stay low to survive and minimize your exposure to

    401st Vipers Standup

    With the release of 4.33 the 401st VFS 'Vipers' have been retrofitted and re-tooled with the McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet. In standing up, the 401st will be the 1st Virtual Fighter Wings first operational carrier borne squadron. Operating off of the USS Carl Vinson, the 401st will be able to be stationed off the coast of any operational theater as yet another powerful tool in the 1st VFW's

    1st Range Day Completed!

    The first of many "Range Day" competitions was flown today with 3 pilots taking the top spots: Alohir, Blouse, and Drillin. The event took place in the EMF theater with 15 participants. Scores for the event are posted below. We'll continue to update the plaque as we have more Range Day winners. High Scores -Blouse - 2 out of 3 hits -Drillin - 2 out of 3 hits -Alohir - 2 out of 3

    Gunsmoke 2015

    Join us in welcoming in the New Year with a "BANG" by signing up to participate in this emulation of the USAF Worldwide Gunnery Competition so popular in the 1980's. Every major fighter command had an biannual intramural competition to pick the best crews in each aircraft; who in turn deployed to Nellis AFB for a couple weeks of practice and intense competition in navigation and non-precision

    Basic Air-to-Air Operations

    Flying Operations CHAPTER 3 Air-to-Air Standard Operating Procedures Preface Note this is just a high level / basic overview for how air-to-air combat operations take place at the 1st VFW. It will be updated to include standard training setups in the future when time permits. This information does not cover everything discussed in our IQT program nor does it intended to be the
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    The 1st Virtual Fighter Wing - We are an international group of like minded individuals that push the F4:BMS simulator to the boundaries of realism for which it was intended. From our extensive training programs and coordinated events, to our relentless pursuit of becoming better BMS pilots, the 1st VFW is built for the experienced BMS pilot looking to be challenged.

    Utilizing the best in communication methods, we've worked hard to create a "close to real life" atmosphere while still vying to maintain the fun aspects of simply enjoying a simulation title among friends. As one of the most active groups in the community, we have limited space available. New pilots should be prepared to work hard during their IQT phase of their training as our Instructor Pilots work just as hard to provide the best training available in the virtual arena.

    If you feel you're up to the challenge, please visit our recruiting page and post an introduction in our forum.


    -Dedicated Server is ONLINE with Balkans

    -Remember to check the ATO daily for flights!

    -Recruiting for the 1st VFW is now OPEN >>Apply here<<

    The 1st VFW has revamped and simplified our training programs. The sole purpose of our training programs is to ensure the quality of our online flights. We don't pretend to know everything and therefore our training programs are a perpetual work-in-progress, especially our MQT program where the curriculum comes directly from our participating members.

    To learn more about our Training Programs, please click here

    -Dire Straights this Saturday at 1900z

    -Tactical Tuesdays are running each week. Check the Flights Forum.

    -IQT and MQT Sorties are going up each week. Check the ATO to ride along.